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All American Track Inc. is a woman owned and family operated small business. We are a proven, trusted authority with the capabilities to meet the demanding needs of the railroad industry. Whether the job is a simple switch replacement or an extensive stretch of new track, we can provide your company with a solution that will produce years of quality service.


All American Track Inc. offers many services to meet your company's rail needs.

A Few Of Our Many Services

New Track Construction
Track Rehabilitation
Railroad Yard Construction
Contract Surfacing

Operator Training

All American Track Inc. can provide your operators with training necessary for success.

Operator Training

Most Heavy Equipment

Employment Opportunities

All American Track Inc. is an excellent company to work for.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Competitive Pay

Rule Of The Day

Raising Track With Track Jack

  1. Inspect jack for cracked base, broken pawl levers, cracked or worn ratchet or operating lever pins.
  1. Dig jack hole big enough for jack base. DO NOT DRIVE JACK UNDER RAIL. Never strike a jack with another tool or object.
  1. When placed under rail, jack must be on good foundation. Use a wood block if necessary.
  1. When operating the jack’s lever bar (handle), keep your body and head positioned so they are in the clear. Keep a firm grip on the lining bar until you are sure the lever pawls are engaged on the rack teeth. Use only the proper size lining bar in jacks.
  1. Before lowering or tripping jack, warn all employees to get in the clear, making sure no one is positioned, that they may be struck by the lining bar. Shout loud and clear “jack down.”
  1. Do not place your feet, fingers or any other part of your body under any object that is supported by jacks.
  1. Track jacks must be operated by one employee only. If more lifting power is required, use more jacks.
  2. Lining bar must be removed from jack when not in use. Never attempt to “walk a jack” down.

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