Form B Authority Procedures – Genesee & Wyoming RWP/RMM 818

//Form B Authority Procedures – Genesee & Wyoming RWP/RMM 818
  1. Form B requests must be submitted to the control station no later than 1800 hours the day prior to the effective day. Form B’s will not contain overlapping limits with other Form B’s. Limits shall be no longer than 10 miles and a minimum of 4 miles apart, unless approved by the Regional V.P. – Engineering.
  1. If Form B limits in CTC territory contain dual controlled switches, a job briefing must be held with the Train Dispatcher to determine if switches need to be blocked.
  2. The Employee-in-charge of the Form B must contact the Train Dispatcher prior to occupying the Form B limits. A job briefing will be conducted with the Train Dispatcher which will include an update of any train or on-track equipment movements within the limits as well as documenting the time of occupancy of the Form B.
  3. Yellow-Red and Red flags must be displayed as required in the operating rules, prior to the Form B being occupied by Roadway Workers (GCOR rules 5.4.3, 5.4.6 and 5.4.7). The flags may be displayed from one hour before the track bulletin Form B takes effect until one hour after it expires. During that time. Trains may accept instructions from the employee in charge as outlined in the operating rules (GCOR rule 15.2).
  4. The display of the yellow-red and red flags as described does not extend the authorized working time beyond the times listed on the track bulletin Form B (GCOR rule 5.4.3). If the track is not safe for the passage of trains and /or all roadway workers and roadway machines are not in the clear then exclusive track occupancy must be established by another means prior to the expiration of the Form B track bulletin. The employee-in-charge shall notify the train dispatcher at the expiration time of the authority that the track has been cleared for the day; is safe for the passage of trains and that the yellow-red and red flags have been removed.
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