Fouling The Track – BNSF MWOR 11.3

//Fouling The Track – BNSF MWOR 11.3

A roadway worker or roadway machine is fouling a track when within 4 feet of the nearest rail of the track.

Each roadway worker is responsible for determining that on-track safety is provided before fouling any track, except when fouling the track is incidental to the performance of duties.

Incidental Fouling

When a roadway worker fouls a track incidental to the performance of duties, such as when walking across or adjacent to a track on which authority or protection has not been provided, each worker must:

  1. Assume individual responsibility to make the move safely.
  2. Foul the track only after determining that it is safe to do so.
  3. Not carry tools or material that restrict motion, sight, hearing or prevent rapid movement away from an approaching train or other on-track equipment while being carried.
  4. Move directly and promptly to a position clear of the track.
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